My Three C’s New Tee Shirt Line


If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you probably saw that yesterday I shared some big news!  This post is for the people that maybe haven’t made it over to my Facebook site yet!  Yesterday I launched my very own T-Shirt line that reflects the Junk Lovin’ Furniture Filppin’, D.I.Y Crowd.  I currently don’t have my Etsy store linked onto this website but that will come in the future.  Since I am a small business it all kinda has to happen in due time.  That is hard sometimes!  Especially when your dreams are much, much bigger than your start off budget.  YIKES!  For now I am printing T-shirts, made to order, from my home with the help of my wonderful and supportive husband as well as my teenage son a.k.a. “My Minions” LOL!  Each shirt is made specifically for the ordering customer and all my tees are printed on great quality 100% cotton tees.  That means that great care is taken with each and every shirt made.  I want all my customers to feel like I am dealing with them one on one and they know I care about the product they purchase from me.

You will see this banner when you enter my Etsy shop.


Here are the shirts I currently have on my site for sale.  There will be many more designs coming as my brain is in full overdrive with all the great Tees I can produce!  I hope you visit my store and support my small business.  It would also mean a great deal to hear what you think of my new T-Shirt line.

36″ x  24″ x  36″ Sexy Curves on a Sexy Chair!

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Certified Diver, the Dumpster Diving Tee!

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Girls With Power Tools (Additional Colors Coming Soon)

IMG_4326 (2)

Military Green


Drink Coffee, Paint Furniture, Repeat Tee!

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More designs will be coming soon!  Please stay tune!  I appreciate you looking at y designs and look forward to your input!

XOXO, April

My Three C’s


Disclaimer:  All designs are the property of My Three C’s and are protected by US copyright law.


No More White Walls!

For three years I have been fortunate and grateful to have a house to cook in, to sleep in and to keep me safe from the elements, but if I’m 100% honest, I never felt “at home”.  Girls and Guys like me, those who relish in home décor, DIY and architecture, become stifled and depressed when we are not allowed to go for the gusto.

Above are pictures of our old house on base.

When a house is not your home you are chained to the rules of being a good tenant.  That doesn’t mean you cant paint walls (with permission) or install some new fixtures (with permission), but you cant do anything creative without PERMISSION.

Last spring my family and I decided that we were going to look to purchase a home here in Central Florida.  We looked for what seemed like forever and we even put several offers in and went into contract once but for one reason or another they fell through. The first house turned out to be a money pit (thank God for home inspections) and the second house we were out bid by another party, and the third was a mess with the Sellers Realtor from HELL!  Long story short, we ran out of time and had to renew our lease on base.  We were pretty depressed about it but we realized that things happen for a reason.  My husband and I decided that we would suffer another year of living in our tiny base house and when the new year came, we would contact our realtors again and begin the search for a nice, comfortable, Florida home.

At the beginning of this year we did just that.  We called up our amazing realtors Caroline and Eric, (a husband and wife team) and told them we had done some looking online and found a house that had been on the market for one day (New Years Day) and we thought it looked nice in the pictures.  When we arrived Caroline was already there. She peaked out of the front door and I’ll never forget her enthusiasm when she said “GUYS!!!! This is THE ONE!” LOL!  She was right!


She and Eric knew us so well by that time that she knew right away this house was exactly what we were looking for.  It was so funny!  It was the one and only house we looked at and we made an offer that very day.  It took months the year before and nothing worked out as we planned but this year we not only found the right house but we found it right out of the shoot!20160321_122602-1


We closed on March 21st 2016 and this time the house passed inspection with flying colors, there was no mean sellers Realtor, and the previous owner is now a friend of ours!  Its funny how Garth Brooks had it right.  Sometimes the best prayers are the unanswered ones. God sure knows what he is doing and even when you think life is unfair, there is something better for you a little further down the trail.

I’m so excited to share pictures of the bare bones of my new “Home” with you and I can’t wait to update you on the fun interior decorating I will be doing as well as some DIY Home Improvement projects.

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Please make sure to follow the blog and follow me on You Tube as well!  Hope these pictures keep some of the friends and family at bay as they are chomping at he bit to see pictures of our new home!  Until next time! XOXO

-April, My Three C’s

Gearing up for Fall! 2015

Happy Fall Y’all, from My Three C’s!!!

This post may be late to some of you that live further north than I do, but here in Florida we had our first crisp morning of the season.  68 degrees this morning and all of Florida headed to work or school with a light jacket and a reminder that we are all winter wimps. LOL!  Anywho, I just thought I would take this morning to showcase a few of the cool wares I’ve been working on and gathering to display at the fall shows and at my booth at Rehab Vintage Market.  I have been busy painting with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint as you can see with this chippy, crackly accent table.  I used flour sack with no bond.  I just made sure to give the piece a light sanding and then sprayed it with shellac before applying two coats of milk paint.  Next I sealed it with a combination of clear and dark wax to give it a “sexy dirty” look.

fall 2015_1

I decided to stage the piece with fun fall accents that I have picked over the last few months and with some pumpkins I have sewn up.  Baskets filled with harvest corn, pinecones and flaky old picture frames give this piece a primitive look and really bring in the feel of fall.  I see this picture and think of pumpkin pie, hot apple cider and the smell of cinnamon.

fall 2015_3 fall 2015_2

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak of things I am working on and hope you visit me on Facebook at

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Until next time,

April ~ My Three C’s

My Idea of Cozy

There is a Season…
As the cheer of the holiday season comes to a close it’s easy for this gal to get the winter blues. I know what you’re thinking. “She lives in Florida for heaven sakes! How does this gal know anything about winter blues?” Well for those of you that follow me regularly on this blog, and on Facebook, it’s not new information that I use to live in the northern state of Montana. In Fairfield, Montana it has been known to get down to -60 when the wind picks up. When the days got super frigid and the sun was covered by winter haze, I had to learn a few things that kept my mind sunny and my sprit cozy.

When I think about what makes a drab winter day into a cozy, dreamy experience, I think of our north Florida campsite in Jasper, Florida. This weekend Jasper experienced a pretty substantial cold snap with temperatures dipping down into the 20’s! I knew this would be the best backdrop to illustrate my idea of what made a frosty day into a cozy experience.

Into the Woods…

There is nothing that gives my soul comfort like the great outdoors. When I was a young girl I use to enjoy exploring the open fields and dirt roads behind my house. I have fond memories of running through the pastures with my siblings and hunting dove with my dad behind our South Texas home. The call of wide open spaces is nothing I can explain fully. You just have to feel it. Because of my many trips this season to Jasper, I have gained so much decorating inspiration from natural elements. The warmth of timber, the smell of a crisp breeze through the forest trees, strong stones sculpted by Mother Nature and the magic of the misty, wild woods is like wings for your spirit and a cozy, comfort that can’t be matched.
IMG_0849 (2)
For me, it was an easy choice to load the back of my truck with some of my favorite cozy things and let the northern Florida back country showcase them for me.

The Chair…

No folks, I am not paying homage to the King of Country, George Strait (even though his gift of song can make a country girl swoon) ;). I’m talking about this handsome, leather, open armed, wing back spot of splendor.
IMG_0719 (2)
Some might say I have an obsession with chairs and the truth is those people are 100% right. Chairs have the power to make you feel regal, like a throne. Powerful, like an executive chair. Mature, like a rocking chair. Or safe and loved, like grandpas old recliner. The right chair can be a great, big, cozy hug allowing you the ability to breathe easy, relax with a cup of coffee, and dream of summer.
IMG_0313 (2)
In my opinion, the right chair is a vessel that steers you though life’s chilly days.

Journey of the Mind…

Winter can be very depressing, gloomy and cold. If you are not a fan of winter sports or part polar bear your mind can get rather restless. That is where a good book is handy. Why not take a trip into an exotic land, and tropical paradise or a romantic dream of what the coming spring will bring?
For me, a good book is just the right medicine to chase the winter blues away. There is nothing cozier than curling up in your favorite chair with a good book, in a quiet warm space.
IMG_0541 (2)
Just make sure you share some of that new found knowledge with a living being from time to time, or you might get a little touch of the crazies. LOL!

Cloak of Comfort…

On a cold winters day it is easy to describe cozy and comfortable with one word… warmth. I don’t know anyone who truly relishes the chill of an icy wind or the bite of a winter’s frost. I think is more the delicious sensation of being wrapped up in the warmth of an embrace, the security of a downy blanket or the luxury of a fluffy sweater that makes the nip of the cold a little more bearable and somewhat enjoyable. While browsing through the Parachute Home bedding website I noticed some beautiful cashmere throws that would be the perfect cocoon of coziness to share with my teddy bear aka, Mr. 3C’s. I also enjoy the fashion of winter to include trendy jacket, creamy sweaters, chunky boots and rosy cheeks. Putting on a big sweater is like putting on a warm hug. Sigh!
IMG_0629 (2)
So those are my ideas of what makes a cozy winter experience. What do you need to make winter bearable? What is your idea of cozy? I would love to hear your ideas, and read your comments on how you survive the elements where you are. For now this April is gonna shower you with warm wishes of happiness! XOXO
Cozily Yours,
April ~ My Three C’s

IMG_0514 (2)

Big News: Adventure Awaits!!!


Hello my friends! For those that follow me closely on Facebook, you know that it has been a long while since I have been in a retail location. I have been enjoying time at home and doing shows all over Florida. Well I am pleased to announce that My Three C’s will once again be in a retail location amongst other talented vintage, shabby chic, antique, oddity and home décor dealers in a new upscale store called Vintage Living Marketplace!


This new venture will be owned and operated by my good friend Terrie Ireland of Chic to Antique! I have a lot of great ideas for my new space and am excited to be a part of this new store. Vintage Living Marketplace has been getting quite a bit of buzz from all the local dealers and we have no doubt this is the next big thing to hit Brevard County!

Where is this amazing location? Vintage Living Marketplace will be located at 5555 US 1 in Rockledge Florida in the former Roomscapes of Brevard location (If you remember, I did a show there last year).


     This location is quite possibly the best location, with Vintage Living Marketplace being in the US 1 Central Florida Corridor! It is only 9 Minutes away from Viera Florida, 15 minutes from Patrick Air Force Base/and the Satellite Beach community, 17 minutes from Cocoa and 21 minutes from Melbourne!


     When do we open? Vintage Living Marketplace will be opening to the public this summer! We are planning some great events, classes and sales to keep the local junking community Sa-tis-fied! With beautiful showrooms and the best darn vendors in Florida, I just know you will be lining at the door on opening day. Did I say showrooms? Absolutely! With the scale of vendors that will be calling Vintage Living Marketplace home, Terrie knew that a showroom would be the ideal place to house her vision and BOY! What a vision it is! More information on all the great events, classes and shows will be available as Terrie works out the schedule.

Until our opening date here is a raw sneak peek at my new space at Vintage Living Marketplace! You have to imagine it without the cabinets, kitchen island and fixture displays.


This spot already is a warm, inviting and aesthetic space! I can’t wait to put my spin on this beautiful venue and provide elegant, universally appeling furniture and home décor to Central Florida in a location where my work is easily accessible for viewing and purchasing. Make sure you like my Facebook page for an opening date, grand opening, and my progress and inventory! Also, please like Vintage Living Marketplace by clicking on this link! Make sure to tell Terrie, My Three C’s sent you!

Thank you all for continuing to support of My Three C’s  and my journey in the “Epic World of Refurbished Furniture!”

XOXO ~ April of My Three C’s

Refurbished.Repurposed.Reinvented.Home Decor

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Review and Vanity Makeover


Hello everyone in Blogsville,
I’m back with a new, completed project and a review of a fairly new Milk Paint line called Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. First I have to say, that I am not sponsored by this brand, nor did I receive any compensation or reward for this review. I am not sponsored by SPMP but I loved it so much, I am now a retailer!!!! I personally bought and paid for this paint and the words here are my own professional/personal opinion. So with that said, let me introduce you to my delicate little vanity.


I picked up this lovely lady about a year ago and just knew she was a keeper. Truth is, I have been saving special items that I adore, for my future forever home. Someday when I am settled in the home of my dreams and I know I will never move again, I will display/use/repurpose these items that I have collected. This vanity will someday be a bathroom component for a guest room or half bath. My vision is to have a free floating sink installed behind it. Anyway, it has been sitting around collecting dust because I just couldn’t commit to a paint color. That is until I was on Facebook and came across the Sweet Pickins Milk Paint line. As soon as I saw the color Sweetie Jane, I was in love with its calming, greenish blue hue. It reminds me of ocean water on a choppy day. Plus, how can you read the name “Sweetie Jane” and not start doing a bad rendition of Cowboy Junkies?


I really liked the way there were examples of actual furniture pieces on the Sweet Pickins Facebook site and not just swatches. It gave me a better idea of what result I would get by using this particular color and gave me some inspiration as to what I could create. The ordering process was easy and fast. I received my paint in only a few days of my order. The packaging is very eye catching, feminine and springy. Full instructions were provided and were easy to follow.
I opened up my paint to find it packaged in a plastic light proof bag. I kinda wish it was resealable, but that is no biggie.  SPMP now comes in a reseal bag!  Problem solved!!! I just folded down my bag and placed it in a sandwich bag when I was done with the mixing process.

The mixing was very easy and consist of mixing equal parts of the milk paint powder with equal parts hot water. I used a mason jar and a tiny whisk to mix it up, but you can use a stir stick or brush to mix it together.
20140403_181222_0 20140403_181519_0 20140403_181535_0 20140403_181558_0 20140403_181723_0

The paint does have a slightly milky odor when mixing, and painting but it is not too strong or overwhelming. I painted indoors and I was not offended by the odor.

***NOTE: I already had my vanity prepped by sanding it ahead of time and cleaning off any dust with a soft cloth. I do not recommend painting a piece of furniture you don’t prep. This could result in an excessive amount of paint chipping away. There are bonding agents available for milk paint that help it adhere to hard to paint surfaces. If you are painting something that has a buildup of wax or cleaners, you may want to look into using one of the bonding agents or sanding the furniture to remove those layers of protectant and/or grime.***

The milk paint went on very smoothly and didn’t run as badly as most milk paints do. That is not to say it was creamy or tacky. It just means that the recipe for the paint to water ratio left a good consistency of paint on the brush and gave a smooth application. I had to apply two coats of paint to my vanity to get the coverage I wanted. You could stick with one coat which would probably leave you with a weathered paint look, but that is not the way I wanted to go with this particular piece. Once I had both coats on, I added some accents with a white milk paint I had on hand. This turned into a good little side experiment. Turns out Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is compatible with other milk paints with no adverse reactions. That’s a good thing if you are running low on your favorite brand of milk paint and get in a pinch.
20140403_183008_0 20140403_183739_0 FIRST COAT

20140404_151121_0 20140405_142942_0 SECOND COAT
(Kiwi, my Chihuahua, Loves this Vanity!)

20140405_155034_0 WHITE ACCENTS

I allowed the paint to rest for a day (actually, I was super busy with kids and house work so I didn’t have a choice) and the results were exactly what I was hoping for! Random, chippy and multi tonal patches gave the illusion of old, original paint. I gave the piece an all over light sanding with 150 grit sandpaper then dusted it to remove any particulates that were on the vanity.
20140405_163521_0 20140405_155442_0 20140405_155825_0

The next step I did was to wax with a tinted wax. I used a dark wax I had on hand to give the piece an allover antiqued look and to give the design dimension and character. I applied the wax with a brush in small sections. I then let it set for no more than one minute then buffed it out. I continued with the whole piece of furniture until I was done.

I reinstalled the old teardrop drawer pulls and staged it in a fitting place in my home. How does it look?




I am very impressed with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint! So much, that I would list it in my top 3 furniture painting supplies. I was a little on the fence about milk paint until I tried this paint line. I did like the results that milk paint give you but I could never find colors that complemented my own personal palette. The color choices that Sweet Pickins provides are similar to colors I have used in the past or colors I know I would want to try. The quality of the milk paint powder is exceptional and the cost is well worth it. I plan on placing another order very soon. You can find Sweet Pickins Milk Paint at or on facebook at Make sure to tell them you heard about Sweet Pickins Milk Paint here on My Three C’s blog.

As for this beautiful vanity, I will continue to enjoy her as an accent piece until we can transform her into a fixture in my dream home.  Until then, I’ll just keep working on making my current house a home. Don’t forget you can find me on Facebook at on Pinterest at 3cmomamb and even on Instagram at 3cmomamb. I would also like to invite you to subscribe to my blog, right here on wordpress. 😉
Happy Painting Y’all.
April ~ My Three C’s

2013 & Moving Foward

When I moved to Brevard County Florida, I never imagined how welcoming and down home this community would be. I never imagined how much local support and kudos I would receive from this great state and first and foremost, you should be thanked for that! I also, need to take the time to thank all my long distance family, friends and Facebook supporters. Nothing makes you feel more like a superstar, than when you have people from all over the globe cheering you on. From the top, middle and bottom of my heart, Thank You. ❤ You all are amazing!

Have I told you lately?

Have I told you lately?

I can’t believe it is 2014 and oh, what a ride 2013 was! I know there have been so many great things that have happened this past year but I couldn’t pinpoint the most profound moment till I scrolled through Facebook. While Facebook can be flawed it sure is a good documentation, or diary of what your life looks like over 12 months! Thank God for that, because I would have been lost without it. I’m sure I’m gonna miss some things but I will try to highlight some of the proudest moments, my favorite furniture, and some of those special memories.

Every good story has a good beginning and I guess my debut to the Florida scene has one too. While My Three C’s has existed since 2011, I moved here in Aug of 2012. I didn’t sell my first piece of furniture until Feb of 2013. I started My Three C’s as a craft and sewing venture. While I have always had a passion for old furniture (I had even refurbished my personal pieces for years) it wasn’t until I was left without a home of my own and a desperate need to feed the DIYer/remodeler in me that I even toyed with the idea of expanding my business to include all things vintage, antique and solid wood! The first “My Three C’s” furniture piece is definitely a great character with a story all his own! It was an amazing Montana find that not only came to me in a unique way, but also found itself being transplanted to FL upon our move. Read the piece written by my friend Stephanie from Furniture Flippin to get the whole story! She tells it way better than do! Long story short, it was a meld between an old life and a new beginning. A new chapter in my business life and the beginning of a new dream. Here is a picture of this life changing piece. It sold in less than a few days and while I was sad to see it go, I knew that my lucky Montana find had some more life to live, and it had served its purpose in mine.

dresser 4dresser 3dresser 2

Once I got in the grove of it all, My Three C’s was without a lack of inspiration and customers. I mostly advertised through Craigslist and Facebook and didn’t make my official public debut until April 2013. I was told by a friend that there would be an Island Market and I felt it would be a great time to put myself out there to the beach side locals. I was so impressed at the feedback I knew I was doing what I was supposed to do! Nothing like seeing your hard work going home with a new owner to solidify that for you. There was no way I was gonna stop after that day!

When I think about what must be my favorite piece of 2013, I have to say it’s a tie between two eye catching furniture pieces. The first piece was a patriotic Americana table I painted to the likeness of the Ol’ Glory Flag, and the other is a turquoise and dark wood stained trunk. Two very different styles but both exemplified my love affair with color and that desire to make all my refurbished furniture that “conversation piece” for my prospective buyers and clients.

***SOLD***Turquoise and Dark Stain Distressed Chest.  Rich color and beautiful carved detail.  Original hardware with soft close hinges.

***SOLD***Turquoise and Dark Stain Distressed Chest. Rich color and beautiful carved detail. Original hardware with soft close hinges.

Distressed and Antiqued Painted Old Glory Table.

Distressed and Antiqued Painted Old Glory Table.

One of the best business decisions I made this year was to open a booth at the Wildwood Antique Mall in Melbourne Florida. Without becoming a part of this community of same minded individuals, I would have never been asked to participate in the Chic to Antique Sale which took place on Sept 20th 2013. When I received the invitation I was in awe that I had been accepted by a group of elite, junkaholics and furniture painters, and not only was I blessed with their acceptance of me, but I was later blessed to call them friends. Wish we would have gotten a group picture but you can follow the link here to view some pictures I took. What a great time for us all and what a treasured memory!

I haven’t gone bicoastal yet, but who knows! I did close this year with an expansion to the Lone Star State! At the end of the month I was happy to open up a small corner at the Once Upon a Time Gift & Antique Mall in Pleasanton Texas. I’m kinda in good with the owners (my mom and dad, hehe). Here is a link to “My Three C’s *TEXAS*” and a link to a slide showcase of all Once Upon a Time has to offer.

I think I covered a great deal of special moments without making this a 20 page paper on “The Year of 2013”. Now to leave you with a little heads up of what is to come for My Three C’s and a few goals I have for my little company.

1. I will be introducing some amazing Texas furniture , handcrafted by a Pleasanton Texas craftsman/artist. I will be using Brevard County as a test location for his product making My Three C’s the sole Florida distributor for these amazing works of art!

2. MORE SHOWS and FLEAS!!!! I brought my trailer back with me on my last trip to Texas so more road trips, more great people and tons of fun! First show of the year is on 8 Feb 2014. For more information visit

3. The closing of one chapter to begin anew…. I will be leaving Wildwood Antique Mall this February. Don’t be sad! The only thing changing is location. Its actually very liberating because it opens my time in the future for new adventures in furniture painting. I will be taking a needed step back so that I can be a good parent. While My Three C’s is a dream coming true, it would be for nothing if I didn’t do my best to raise the 3C’s to the best of my ability. I have taken on the responsibility of home schooling the 3C’s and it is gonna be tough. The most amazing part is that with the support and help of my husband and soul mate, My Three C’s will continue to thrive and be a fixture in the Brevard County Florida Vintage scene. Who knows, perhaps after a spell I will have other retail and business opportunities come a knockin’…..;).

4. I will continue to hold the same standards while rejuvenating my products and bringing artistic vision to dilapidated and mistreated pieces of furniture.

Hope you all enjoyed the “This is your life” type recap. It has been quite an experience and a wonderful endeavor! While I would never wish away my life, I am excited to see what next year’s recap will contain! I closing I will leave you with my most favorite inspirational quote. The quote I tell myself every day, and the one that keeps me looking to the future. It is extremely fitting, being so close to Disney World…

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” –Walt Disney

Here’s to moving forward! Happy New Year and best wishes in 2014!
All the best to you and yours,
April ~ My Three C’s