Gearing up for Fall! 2015

Happy Fall Y’all, from My Three C’s!!!

This post may be late to some of you that live further north than I do, but here in Florida we had our first crisp morning of the season.  68 degrees this morning and all of Florida headed to work or school with a light jacket and a reminder that we are all winter wimps. LOL!  Anywho, I just thought I would take this morning to showcase a few of the cool wares I’ve been working on and gathering to display at the fall shows and at my booth at Rehab Vintage Market.  I have been busy painting with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint as you can see with this chippy, crackly accent table.  I used flour sack with no bond.  I just made sure to give the piece a light sanding and then sprayed it with shellac before applying two coats of milk paint.  Next I sealed it with a combination of clear and dark wax to give it a “sexy dirty” look.

fall 2015_1

I decided to stage the piece with fun fall accents that I have picked over the last few months and with some pumpkins I have sewn up.  Baskets filled with harvest corn, pinecones and flaky old picture frames give this piece a primitive look and really bring in the feel of fall.  I see this picture and think of pumpkin pie, hot apple cider and the smell of cinnamon.

fall 2015_3 fall 2015_2

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Until next time,

April ~ My Three C’s