2013 & Moving Foward

When I moved to Brevard County Florida, I never imagined how welcoming and down home this community would be. I never imagined how much local support and kudos I would receive from this great state and first and foremost, you should be thanked for that! I also, need to take the time to thank all my long distance family, friends and Facebook supporters. Nothing makes you feel more like a superstar, than when you have people from all over the globe cheering you on. From the top, middle and bottom of my heart, Thank You. ❤ You all are amazing!

Have I told you lately?

Have I told you lately?

I can’t believe it is 2014 and oh, what a ride 2013 was! I know there have been so many great things that have happened this past year but I couldn’t pinpoint the most profound moment till I scrolled through Facebook. While Facebook can be flawed it sure is a good documentation, or diary of what your life looks like over 12 months! Thank God for that, because I would have been lost without it. I’m sure I’m gonna miss some things but I will try to highlight some of the proudest moments, my favorite furniture, and some of those special memories.

Every good story has a good beginning and I guess my debut to the Florida scene has one too. While My Three C’s has existed since 2011, I moved here in Aug of 2012. I didn’t sell my first piece of furniture until Feb of 2013. I started My Three C’s as a craft and sewing venture. While I have always had a passion for old furniture (I had even refurbished my personal pieces for years) it wasn’t until I was left without a home of my own and a desperate need to feed the DIYer/remodeler in me that I even toyed with the idea of expanding my business to include all things vintage, antique and solid wood! The first “My Three C’s” furniture piece is definitely a great character with a story all his own! It was an amazing Montana find that not only came to me in a unique way, but also found itself being transplanted to FL upon our move. Read the piece written by my friend Stephanie from Furniture Flippin to get the whole story! She tells it way better than do! Long story short, it was a meld between an old life and a new beginning. A new chapter in my business life and the beginning of a new dream. Here is a picture of this life changing piece. It sold in less than a few days and while I was sad to see it go, I knew that my lucky Montana find had some more life to live, and it had served its purpose in mine.

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Once I got in the grove of it all, My Three C’s was without a lack of inspiration and customers. I mostly advertised through Craigslist and Facebook and didn’t make my official public debut until April 2013. I was told by a friend that there would be an Island Market and I felt it would be a great time to put myself out there to the beach side locals. I was so impressed at the feedback I knew I was doing what I was supposed to do! Nothing like seeing your hard work going home with a new owner to solidify that for you. There was no way I was gonna stop after that day!

When I think about what must be my favorite piece of 2013, I have to say it’s a tie between two eye catching furniture pieces. The first piece was a patriotic Americana table I painted to the likeness of the Ol’ Glory Flag, and the other is a turquoise and dark wood stained trunk. Two very different styles but both exemplified my love affair with color and that desire to make all my refurbished furniture that “conversation piece” for my prospective buyers and clients.

***SOLD***Turquoise and Dark Stain Distressed Chest.  Rich color and beautiful carved detail.  Original hardware with soft close hinges.

***SOLD***Turquoise and Dark Stain Distressed Chest. Rich color and beautiful carved detail. Original hardware with soft close hinges.

Distressed and Antiqued Painted Old Glory Table.

Distressed and Antiqued Painted Old Glory Table.

One of the best business decisions I made this year was to open a booth at the Wildwood Antique Mall in Melbourne Florida. Without becoming a part of this community of same minded individuals, I would have never been asked to participate in the Chic to Antique Sale which took place on Sept 20th 2013. When I received the invitation I was in awe that I had been accepted by a group of elite, junkaholics and furniture painters, and not only was I blessed with their acceptance of me, but I was later blessed to call them friends. Wish we would have gotten a group picture but you can follow the link here to view some pictures I took. What a great time for us all and what a treasured memory!

I haven’t gone bicoastal yet, but who knows! I did close this year with an expansion to the Lone Star State! At the end of the month I was happy to open up a small corner at the Once Upon a Time Gift & Antique Mall in Pleasanton Texas. I’m kinda in good with the owners (my mom and dad, hehe). Here is a link to “My Three C’s *TEXAS*” and a link to a slide showcase of all Once Upon a Time has to offer.

I think I covered a great deal of special moments without making this a 20 page paper on “The Year of 2013”. Now to leave you with a little heads up of what is to come for My Three C’s and a few goals I have for my little company.

1. I will be introducing some amazing Texas furniture , handcrafted by a Pleasanton Texas craftsman/artist. I will be using Brevard County as a test location for his product making My Three C’s the sole Florida distributor for these amazing works of art!

2. MORE SHOWS and FLEAS!!!! I brought my trailer back with me on my last trip to Texas so more road trips, more great people and tons of fun! First show of the year is on 8 Feb 2014. For more information visit http://www.vintagemarketFL.com

3. The closing of one chapter to begin anew…. I will be leaving Wildwood Antique Mall this February. Don’t be sad! The only thing changing is location. Its actually very liberating because it opens my time in the future for new adventures in furniture painting. I will be taking a needed step back so that I can be a good parent. While My Three C’s is a dream coming true, it would be for nothing if I didn’t do my best to raise the 3C’s to the best of my ability. I have taken on the responsibility of home schooling the 3C’s and it is gonna be tough. The most amazing part is that with the support and help of my husband and soul mate, My Three C’s will continue to thrive and be a fixture in the Brevard County Florida Vintage scene. Who knows, perhaps after a spell I will have other retail and business opportunities come a knockin’…..;).

4. I will continue to hold the same standards while rejuvenating my products and bringing artistic vision to dilapidated and mistreated pieces of furniture.

Hope you all enjoyed the “This is your life” type recap. It has been quite an experience and a wonderful endeavor! While I would never wish away my life, I am excited to see what next year’s recap will contain! I closing I will leave you with my most favorite inspirational quote. The quote I tell myself every day, and the one that keeps me looking to the future. It is extremely fitting, being so close to Disney World…

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” –Walt Disney

Here’s to moving forward! Happy New Year and best wishes in 2014!
All the best to you and yours,
April ~ My Three C’s