Lessons Learned From Refurbishing Furniture

Here are a few little tidbits I have learned over the years as a small business owner, furniture refurbishing guru, and crafter. Hope it gives inspiration, insight and delight. Enjoy <3.

1. Never Cut Corners: No matter what kind of crunch you are in, a job worth doing is worth doing right….right? As a furniture refurbisher your goal should be to revamp a piece that your client will love and appreciate for years and years. That also means that they will have those years to pick apart your work. If you failed to seal your pieces, paint the bottom, or fix a wobbly leg, you client will rate your work based on your failures. Always finish what you start.

2. Remember your P’s and Q’s: You never know who your next customer will be. As a small business owner, your private and public persona will impact how successful you will become. Remember to be nice, be humble and always remember your manners.

3. Pay it forward, and Play nice: While our work is our own, original and an outlet for our artistic abilities, we did not invent furniture restoration and refurbishment. Always, give credit where credit is due, promote other businesses in good will, and check your malice at the door. The world is a big place with room for all of us in it to succeed. For other reasons, refer back to Lesson #2.

4. Take Every Opportunity Seriously: You never know where your big break will come from; therefore take every opportunity to promote your business. Utilize Facebook, blogs and other public media outlets. Don’t sit around and pout while crying about how no one loves you. Get out there and BE LOVED!

5. Re-Invent the Wheel: Make sure you stand out from the crowd. Again, no one can take credit for inventing furniture restoration, refurbishing, repurposing or crafting but you can make your impact and make your work interesting, unique and one of a kind. Give credit to those who inspire you and remember to appreciate the work of others. They are in the same boat as you are.

6. Just Keep Swimming: Not every day is gonna be a great day, but life is what you make of it. Blaming others for your bad luck and refusing to look within yourself is destructive and juvenile. Instead, focus on your blessings and the ability to change your path. You are the master of your destiny so take the reins and giddy up!

7. Quality over Quantity: Whatever job you take on, remember to follow through and do it to the best of your ability. If you are painting for a client, running a contest, or staring your blog, do it right, or don’t it at all. Make sure you have the time and know how to accomplish your mission first. Do your research, plan and remember good customer service. This will ties into Lesson #1, 2 and 3.

8. Have FUN!: If you’re not having fun, it’s just work! Love what you do, do it right, and always make sure your smiling!

Until next time, my lovelies, thanks for checking in and supporting me in this journey! All the best to you from My Three C’s!